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How to register a branch in France of a foreign company ?

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How to register a branch in France of a foreign company ?

Useful when the foreign company decides to set up its activity in France, the opening of a French branch requires the completion of a certain number of formalities with the Commercial Court. Click here to read in French.

easyACTES reviews the procedure to determine : how to register a branch in France of a foreign company ?

1 – Registering a branch in France of a foreign company.

What are we talking about ?

The registration of a branch in France concerns any permanent establishment, distinct from the head office or the main establishment of a company under foreign law.

The foreign branch is managed in France by the person required to register, an agent or a person with the power to enter into legal relations with third parties. The foreign branch is permanent and independent of the foreign company. It has its own registration with the competent Commercial Court.

2 – How to register a branch in France of a foreign company ?

Constitution of the file of formality for the opening of a branch.

To register a branch in France, a file must be filed with the Clerk of the Commercial Court of the branch’s jurisdiction. This file (translated into French) is composed as follows :

Declaration form for the creation of a company duly completed, filled in and signed ;

→ If applicable, a declaration form for the domain name(s) of the website(s) (NDI) ;

→ An original of the declaration on honor of non-conviction and filiation of the representative of the branch in France ;

→ A copy of both sides of a valid national identity card or passport ;

→ A copy of the proof of business premises OR a copy of the domiciliation contract with a domiciliation company approved by the Prefecture ;

→ A copy of the foreign company’s up-to-date articles of association and its translation into french if necessary ;

→ A registration certificate of the foreign company and its translation into French if necessary from its country of origin ;

→ An original power of attorney from the legal representative, if he or she has not signed the M0 form.

3 – How much does it cost to register a branch in France ?

Mandatory registration fees.

Registering a branch involves the payment of registry fees to the RCS.

You should expect to pay a minimum registration fee of 195.38 euros (including VAT) for the registry fees..

Additional registration fees may apply depending on the activity carried out by the branch in France.

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